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Vance Pennington - Flute Maker
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'Breath of Life' Airway System

This is a tried and tested method that I incorporate into my creations that allows breath to pass through the blow hole to the embouchure of the flute without any back pressure. When playing one of my instruments, all that is felt is a very slight resistance as the air passes beneath the block/fetish. The advantages of this system allows the player to open up a whole new aspect of note over-blowing, bending and other exciting expressions as well as having the ability to play the instrument with the MINIMUM amount of breath pressure.

With the flute being able to perform with the MINIMUM amount of breath pressure the player/performer is able to sustain longer phrasing without the desire or need to gasp for breath.

The 'BREATH OF LIFE' airway system: Developed and pioneered by Vance Pennington of Waking Spirit Flutes.